The 2016-17 Programme is now over. Information on the 2017-18 Programme will be published on the Computer Circle website in August / September


The Cockfield Computer Circle (CCC) 2016-17 Programme runs from October 17th 2016 to March 13th 2017. It is divided into 2 blocks.

Block 1 is aimed primarily at beginners wanting to acquire foundation skills in the most common tasks. It is also suitable for those wishing to refresh their skills in selected topics.

Block 2 builds on the skills acquired in block 1 and introduces some new topics.

The computers in the facility run Windows 10.

Please follow the Block 1 & 2 links for information on each Session.

Other information:

  • Sessions take place in Cockfield on Monday afternoons, 2.30 to 4.30 pm.
  • A contribution is invited of £1 per person per session
  • A quorum of 3 is required to run a session
  • The published schedule could change if it turns out there is not a quorum for a particular session
  • I issue a confirmation email to attendees during the week prior to a Monday session. Attendees not yet on email will be contacted by telephone.
  • Please be willing to contribute and share your own ideas; there is rarely just one way of carrying out a particular set of tasks on a PC, and it is good to hear how others work and what tips they have.