The sessions in Block 1 are suitable for beginners. No prior knowledge is assumed, but those who are completely new to using a computer or who wish to start from scratch should attend the first 2 weeks of the Block which are aimed at absolute beginners.

The objective in attending the complete block of sessions is to equip participants with the basic skills in the most common computer tasks:

  • using the internet
  • using email
  • organising and viewing digital photographs
  • creating and modifying simple documents
  • basic folder and file organisation

Also, those wishing to refresh their skills in a specific topic are welcome to dip into selected sessions. In this case, attendees will be expected to have the basic skills covered in the 1st 2 sessions of the Block including:

  • using the keyboard, mouse and if relevant, the touch screen
  • using Windows menus to open folders and run programs
  • opening, closing, re-sizing, moving windows

Participants can use the desktop computers provided in the facility, or you are welcome to bring your own laptops. If you do not yet own a computer but wish to learn the basic skills, you are welcome to attend. But to progress through the weekly topics, it is important to be able to practise the skills and techniques away from the class. So for participants in this situation it is strongly recommended to get a computer, or to have regular access to a computer to be able to put the skills learned into practice.