Pre-requisite: None. Suitable for complete beginners


This opening session of the CCC Programme is the first of 2 in Block 1 which are aimed at newcomers to computing, so no prior knowledge is assumed. Over the first 2 weeks we will explore the basic aspects of the computer and develop your skills in interacting with it. These fundamental skills will then provide a foundation for the remainder of the Programme.

This and future sessions will be based on Windows 10. The sessions will also be suitable for users of Windows 7 and 8. I will point out the key differences between Windows 10 and earlier versions during this and other sessions in the Programme.

Topics covered include:

  • general orientation – a first look at the desktop, start menu, icons, taskbar, notification area
  • using the mouse – left click, right click, double click, dragging
  • using the keyboard – familiar keys plus special keys and functions
  • working with windows – opening, closing, moving, resizing; program windows, file windows, other types
  • if required, working with the touchscreen


If you have a laptop you are encouraged to bring it, along with your charger unit. If you have a mouse bring that too, and if you don’t have a mouse I recommend you get one –  most people find a mouse easier to use than the touchpad on the laptop, especially when starting out.  There are many shapes and sizes of mouse you can buy, the general type to choose from is cordless optical.

One of the challenges we will face throughout the Programme is the sheer variety of software programs in use. So in some cases you will find that your computer at home and the products you use differ from those in the CCC facility. This situation is unavoidable and one we shall have to deal with. The fundamental techniques remain largely constant, and as we progress I will try to point out the principle differences between versions.

You may find it useful to bring a notebook and pen with you.

Click the link to open or download a 2 page document summarising many of the basic operations covered in the first 2 sessions:

  CCC Beginners Guide - Basic Operations