Pre-requisite: Beginners Part 1- these 2 sessions are one topic so should be taken together

The second week of the CCC Programme follows on from week 1 to develop your basic computing skills. These fundamental skills will then provide a foundation for the remainder of the programme for those of you who have signed up for further sessions.

The main topics which will be covered in the first 2 weeks include:

  • general orientation – a first look at the desktop, start menu, icons, taskbar, notification area
  • using the mouse – left click, right click, double click, dragging
  • using the keyboard – familiar keys plus special keys and functions
  • working with windows – opening, closing, moving, resizing; program windows, file windows, other types
  • if relevant, working with the touchscreen

Click the link to open or download a 2 page document summarising many of the basic operations covered in the first 2 sessions:

  CCC Beginners Guide - Basic Operations