Pre-requisite: Beginners Parts 1 and 2, Word Processing Part 1; or basic computer experience including creating simple word documents

The purpose of this session is to learn how to create a sheet of labels using Microsoft Word. The process is called Mail Merge and can be used for labels and letters. We will be using labels, and the idea is that each label will have a different addressee, so it can be used for such things as Christmas cards, club / society mailings, house move etc.

There are a number of ways to prepare an address list for the merge process. One way is to use a table in Word. This is the method we will be using for the session, based upon a sample address file. This file is on the CCC machines.

If you are using Microsoft Word, a copy of the address list can be downloaded to your own computer using the link below

  Word Address List

If you are using the Writer document processor, part of either the LibreOffice or OpenOffice suite, you can download the address list in the required Open Document format here:

  OpenOffice Address List